Whether it’s something concerning a old friend, or maybe, you want some information on a cheating spouse, licensed private detective provides services you need. Their ultimate goal is to uncover the truth. Most privately hired investigators work as a team and deliver first class, confidential and thorough investigations. You can surely rely on them for your specific needs.

Private detectives offer wide range of services. Some of them specialize in single area, or a few areas, while others offer a full breadth of services. Most private investigation agencies in the country hire these investigators with diverse backgrounds in order to provide wide range of services to their clients.

So before you go ahead to seek a legal advice form an attorney, give them a call. They gather facts and information. They will document all their findings with photos, reports and videos.

If you’re planning to hire a PI, make sure to understand all about the services offered by them and request references or examples of supporting case materials.

Some of the services offered by private investigators (PI’s) are:

Domestic Relations, Surveillance and Stakeouts

A PI conducts surveillances to secure information as it relates to personal and spousal relationships. Videos and photos accompany invfestigative reports.

Background Checks

Licensed private detective carries out background checks for the purpose such as martial and pre-employment cases. They can obtain civil and criminal records as well as valuable asset information, education and prior employment status.

Courier Service

They deliver documents as per the directions of clients or attorneys. They can fulfill immediate requests as well.

Investigate Missing Persons

Private investigators fulfill immediate responses on finding missing kids or family members. They also search for missing heirs.

Record Searching

PI’s also conduct civil and criminal record searches and can retrieve documents form police departments, courts and government centers.

Workers’ Compensation Claims

According to insurance companies, around 28 percent of their claims are fraudulent. Even just one such claim can mean millions of dollars of loss unnecessarily.

A private detective can look into these employee claims to verify their legitimacy. The insurance companies also benefit in another way as well-This approach deters others from pursuing their bogus claims.

Pre-employment Screening

Sometimes companies may need background checks on applicants. For instance, an airport shuttle service may check the driving histories of applicants with Department of Motor Vehicles to see if the person applying for post has requisite credentials.
Parents can also hire a private detective to check credentials (personal, financial or criminal history) of would-be nanny.


Companies prefer to research before investing money or time in a new company or some financial deal. Even though a company may appear to be legitimate, with a great looking office, and good client referrals, but can be actually a scam. A private detective can check public records for small claim judgments, licensing, state and federal tax liens, bankruptcies, defaults and other judgments.

Asset Location

They can local real estate, banks and employments for purpose of conducting background checks or for satisfying judgments.

Attorney Services

They can file court papers, serve process for attorneys and clients and conduct asset searches.


They use video recordings and/or photography for stakeouts, domestic surveillance, and accident reconstruction.

Child Custody

They can assist parents in returning the child to the parent with legal custody. They can also conduct thorough surveillances, stakeouts to ascertain status of visitations for the purposes of alcohol, drugs or abusive behavior.

Witness Statements

They can locate and contact witnesses in criminal and civil matters to secure written and signed statements about their personal observations.

Process Serving

They can serve court documents to defendants in small civil, criminal or claims cases. They can also locate defendants if requested.

Security Consultations

A business may want to secure property, premises or its assets, and sometimes even information. Some firms may need nighttime security or a sophisticated alarm system. But others may need a comprehensive electronic surveillance, strict computer security, a loss-prevention staff. Experienced private detectives can easily recommend security techniques and services to prevent inventory theft or for ensuring employee safety.

Electronic De-bugging

PIs may carry out countermeasures sweeps for companies and individuals concerned about electronic spying. Their team uses hi-tech gadgets and can travel to any part of the state or country to conduct sweeps.

A good PI may offer initial free consultation or extensive presentation of services to all prospective clients. Their highly trained staff is available to help you or your business with all personalized needs.

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