There are times when more information is needed to make a proper decision in life. Unfortunately, there are also times when you don’t seem to have access to that information to make the proper decision.

If you have exhausted your resources and you still need help finding answers, then yes; you should hire a skilled professional.

But proceed with caution: Don’t let your decision to hire a private detective be an emotional one.

We’re not talking about corporate and legal entities who need to use private investigators for their livelihood. If you are working for a corporate office and need anything along the lines of pre-employment background checks, workers compensation claim checks, fraud claims, or even for car repossessions, this article is not for you. These people’s decision to use a PI is a business one, and this article is concerned with using a PI for your personal life.

That being said, you may want to find out if your spouse is cheating on you, check if your nanny is properly carrying out his or her duties, or maybe you need something for your personal safety. For these private concerns, deciding whether you need a skilled professional is a big decision.

We’re here to make it an easier one.

Just remember one rule of thumb: Don’t let your decision to hire a private detective be an emotional one.

Before You Make The Decision To Hire a Private Investigator:
What To Consider

If you are considering hiring a private detective, stop and take a second to think.

Don’t let your decision be an emotional one. Most times, when a disgruntled client calls and is angry, there isn’t much of a problem. Only when the client is calm, has thought about their situation rationally, and has considered all their options do PI firms find clients with legitimate cases.

A PI is going to cost a lot of money. If it’s a lengthy investigation you can expect to spend thousands of dollars. Does your situation justify thousands of dollars? If you’re husband or wife is cheating on you, surely spending thousands of dollars is worth it, but if it you’re just being paranoid, you may as well be throwing money away.

If someone is missing, you need evidence for child custody, or you are desperately trying to find your deadbeat parent, then perhaps a call to a PI could be worth it. Most reputable firms allow a free consultation.

A few different video recorders

Obviously, it’s impossible to take emotion out of the equation, but removing it as much as possible is optimal.

If you think someone is watching you, stalking you, or trying to harm you, call the cops. That being said, the police isn’t always able to connect the dots. They have a host of other issues to deal with on their own. If your “stalker” is being cautious it’s hard to catch them.

This is an area where having a PI can have unique value. A PI can help find the proof you need to bring down the person harassing you. You should then bring the evidence to the police, which in most cases, the private detective can handle for you.

Hopefully the cops can handle your situation, but if you need more evidence, more help, or more certainty than a skilled professional can help. Just know that it will be a costly venture, and don’t trust just anyone. Make sure your private investigator really is a skilled professional before you fork over a bag of cash.

Picking the right PI can be tough, but before you even begin searching for one, ask yourself one question: is my decision an emotional one? If so, don’t even continue reading, take some time to cool down and think things through.

Who Can You Trust?
A Checklist To Find Out How.

Hiring a PI can be expensive. There isn’t going to be a cheap and effective option. Good PI’s are costly. The problem with this industry is that the terrible private investigators are just as expensive if not more expensive than the good ones.

That means you can’t differentiate the quality of PI based off of price. The PI industry is ripe for scamming because so many of you will be making the decision in a highly emotional state. Don’t be that sucker.

Remember, there’s one pre-requisite question to answer when you are questioning if you should and who you should hire as a private investigator: is this an emotional decision or not?

If you have concluded that hiring a private investigator is logically in your best interest, here are some things to look into to make sure you’re hiring someone you can trust:

  • State Certification – The first thing to check is whether or not your potential PI is legally certified to gather information in your state. Make sure you check if your private investigator really is licensed in your state.
  • Hire A Business, Not A Circus – This means that you need to check if the PI firms seems like more of a business than they do a CSI show. A good PI firm will have a high priority on corporate work. They will have established relationships with legal institutions. These people won’t be emotional, they won’t edge you on, and dealing with them will feel like a business interaction. These are the people you know already get regular business from established businesses and legal professionals. These people excel at their job and offer you the best shot of success.
  • Don’t Use Someone Who Will Do Just Anything – A private detective firm is a business. They exist to make money. The good ones make good money. Because of that, there are certain rules a inspiring successful PI business has to follow to ensure longevity and success. A good PI firm doesn’t take cases from boyfriend and girlfriend drama. This opens the floodgates to too many emotional clients. They will only take clients who are engaged or married. Accusations in those fields are usually more thought out. Don’t hire a PI who you feel needs your business. Those are scammers. Hire a PI only if you need them more than they need you.
  • Emergency Contacts – A good PI will ask for your emergency contact information. You may not want to give yours out, you may want to keep your affairs private, but a good private investigator won’t work with you unless you give your contact information and an emergency contact as well.

If you’re not in Atlanta, be aware that every state has their own rules, so make sure your potential PI firm is in accordance with their state laws.

Should you hire a private investigator for your personal matter?

Is it an emotional decision?

Have you thought this through?

If so, then make sure you’re hiring someone good. We’ve given you a list of things to look out for so you don’t get taken for a fool.

If you have logically concluded that a deep financial investment into gathering more information is truly beneficial to your life then we wish you the best of luck, and I hope we helped.